Sustainability is very important to us at Headingley Stadium Events and as Sodexo Live! we ensure to foster a culture of environmental responsibility. We are currently working towards our Green Meetings Accreditation which assesses and accredits the sustainable practices of businesses.

‘We all have a responsibility to protect our planet, so we have implemented a strategy to reduce, recover and repurpose waste. These activities will support our journey to Net Zero by 2040, not only at Sodexo but in partnership with our clients and supply chain.’ – Sodexo Social Impact

Green Travel

We are easily accessible by bike and rail and have a bicycle park to ensure that you can travel sustainably to Headingley Stadium. Plans are also in place to install Electric Vehicle charging points within the next two years. We have a comprehensive travel document with information on bus and rail transport allowing visitors to reduce their carbon footprint.


Built in 2019 The North and South Stand were designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Both stands feature floor to ceiling windows allowing in plenty of sunlight and lighting is also 100% LED. Each stand includes IAR technology meaning lights and water are turned off automatically based on a motion sensor system. We also operate an in-house building management system which allows us to control heating and cooling setpoints, and timings. Solar panels have been installed on the South stand roof which 100% powers the south stand and subsidises power in the north stand.

Waste Management

Our on-site ORCA waste management system breaks down, measures and records food waste. No waste goes to landfill, everything is either reduced, reused, recycled, or recovered, adopting a circular approach. We also have recycling bins so that visitors can recycle glass, plastic, etc whilst on site.

Find out more about Sodexo’s fight against food waste.


At Headingley Stadium we are committed to making our customers’ experience as easy and stress-free as possible with all suites and hospitality boxes being fully accessible for all our guests. Accessible toilets are located in close proximity to each venue space area and accessible parking is also available on the grounds. The team onsite are ready to support with any requests and we offer guests a pre-event show around if they wish to familiarise themselves with the venue before the event.


We have a sustainable approach to food using plant-based ingredients, seasonal produce and reducing waste during cooking. We use local suppliers and source our food locally to minimise our carbon footprint. For events we use digital menus, screens and QR codes to reduce printing.

On matchdays we have banned single use plastics and opt to use bamboo cutlery and recyclable and bio-degradable cups. Visitors can also bring their own reusable water bottles and fill their water up at one of our hydration stations around the stadium.

For initial show arounds we offer 360 virtual tours and video call shows arounds to reduce travel to the venue. Our on-site hotel Headingley Lodge also ensures you don’t have to travel for overnight accommodation on the day of your event.

In the Office

In the office we reduce printing, use digital assets wherever possible and our scannable bamboo business cards ensure people can add our details without paper waste. We focus on sustainable corporate gifts such as reusable cups made from 100% recycled plastic and eco-friendly lip balms made from natural ingredients.

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